Friday, 13 December 2019

A Request by Panama City Officials

Panama City is working to invite chefs to open more ethic restaurants there. Currently there is no Persian restaurant in Panama. As I was born in Iran, Panama City officials requested my help in informing the Iranian public about this business opportunity in Panama.

I am an Iranian/Canadian/Panamanian. I live in Panama since November 27, 2018 and fell in love with this country. It is paradise! The country is beautiful, it has great weather (above 24 degrees all year, and sun almost every day of the year), it is safe, has US dollar as currency. The food tastes great here, air is clean and there is ocean and mountains in every corner. 

I feel any chef who opens a Persian restaurant in Panama City will achieve success. There are a number of Arabic restaurants here and they are doing great in business. One of them called Beirut started from a small room and now owns the whole building in the center of panama City!

There are tons of wealth and money in Panama City. The city looks like Miami. People from around the world park their money here or register their companies here as when the income is generated outside Panama, there is no tax on it. Investments have no tax here on their profits as well.

Additionally using nominee directors afford a type of asset protection not found elsewhere. This means people's money is protected. Panama City is a magnet for the wealthy.

These wealthy people in Panama City frequent restaurants often. In some high end restaurants a meal with wine costs easily above $100. In Panama City restaurants can have similar income to US and Canada but at lower operating cost. While they pay tax in Panama, they can use the International Business Corporation (IBC) to delegate some tasks of their work which reduces their tax greatly. Labour is also less expensive here.

Immigrating to Panama is easy. I received my permanent residency in 7 days! It costs me only a total of $3700 in lawyer fee and government fee! Panamanian passport is accept by over 120 countries in the world including European countries. This means you can visit Europe without the need to apply for a visa.

If you are an Iranian chef, and have enough money to invest in a restaurant, I highly recommend you to consider opening a Persian restaurant in Panama City.

By the way Panama looks a lot like province of Gilan (where I grew up), without the cold and snow. Below is a photo of a restaurants in Gilan, Iran. Panama has similar mountains as well.

Panama is paradise! 💟

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