Friday, 13 December 2019

A Simple Way to Increase Your Income

For obvious reasons you should aim to increase your income every year. However one not so obvious reason is that if you do not, you will actually lose money!

If your income is the same every year, you are losing money due to inflation. For example in 2018 the inflation rate in Canada was 2.24%. Meaning if you made $100,000 in 2017, your money in 2018 was worth $97,760 in purchasing power!

I teach my students at National Academy of Osteopathy and National University of Medical Sciences a simple way to increase their yearly income and it never fails to help them make more money every year.

What you measure gets managed and what you pay attention to grows. So to increase your annual income you should focus on it.

One simple way to do so is to decide how much of an increase you want to have. Then use a large blank paper (they sell this at Staples) and make a chart on it.

Make two perpendicular lines on the paper. On the vertical line start at the bottom your current income and on the top your desired income. Then divide the line to 10 segments,

Divide the horizontal line into 12 segments, starting with the next month, for example, December, January, February, etc.

Now post this chart in a room of your house that you use most often (hopefully not the kitchen or the bedroom! ). The goal is to see this chart all the time.

As I mention regularly to my students what gets measured, gets managed. Once you know your monthly income (many do not know this) then consciously and subconsciously you will do things such as marketing that is needed to increase your monthly income because the reminder is there in your home everyday for you to see. It motivates you.

I use this technique effectively everytime I want to lose weight! It works greatly for weight loss as well! It is simple yet effective way to help you achieve your goal.

I am leaving Madrid soon. My work at National University of Medical Sciences (Spain) is finishing soon and it is time for me to visit National University of Medical Sciences (USA) in Florida. We are merging the admission offices of our two universities in Spain and USA to decrease operational costs.

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