Friday, 13 December 2019

Persian Silk Tree in Panama

It is such a beautiful day and it got even more beautiful when I saw three Persian Silk Trees in the neighborhood! 💟 

What I focus on grows in my life. That is why I always focus on what I want and many times it comes true for me.

A few days ago I decided to buy and plant a Persian silk Tree in my home as a tribute to my grandparents who had such a tree in the village of Foshtom in Gilan (Iran). I was thinking about this tree for a few days.

When you focus on something for a while the reticular activating system (RAS) part of your brain brings what you focus on to your attention. 

You see and hear millions bits of information everyday. They are all in your brain but you are not aware of them. RAS makes you aware of part of these information database if it feels that is what you want. How it decides so is by sensing what you focus on most.

I walk daily in my neighborhood and see many trees. I must have seen these three Persian Silk Trees many times but my RAS did not bring them to my attention because I did not focus on this tree before. After I started focusing on it, I see it more often.

I went into this topic in detail with my students because it is so important. What you want to avoid comes true for you because you are focusing on it. That is what separates the wealthy from others. Research shows the wealthy focus on what they want while most other people focus on things they wish to avoid.

I focus on having a beautiful life, and I got a beautiful life. 💟 Focus on what you want and you will get what you focus on.

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