Tuesday, 11 June 2019

A Bank Like No Others!

My new business, the Osteopathy Bank of Commerce and Investment (OsteoBank) is a not for profit bank!

I do not plan to take any profits from this bank and instead direct all the profit back to customers as better rates for their investment products.

This would allow OsteoBank to offer a higher interest rate of about 2% more than most other banks in North America, Oceania and Europe for its investment products such as Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GIC).

In the past 9 years aside from National Academy of Osteopathy I rarely took any salary from any of the businesses I founded. Instead I re-directed all the profit back into businesses so they could perform better and expand osteopathy even more. This is one reason rarely anyone can compete with me business wise. My competitors start a business to generate income. I start a business to help osteopathy.

I will do the same with OsteoBank. My role as the bank president will be a free unpaid role, with no salary. I really do not need a salary as this is not work. For me, it is fun and pleasure. I immensely enjoy what I do.

The day I would not perform my work for free is the day I would change that job!  

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