Saturday, 15 June 2019

Blessed to be a Southern Cherokee Man

I was doing my Grateful Walk in Interlaken, Switzerland giving thanks to God for making my dreams reality.

Some dreams I wished for and some were bestowed upon me and became some of the best things in my life.

As you know I am a Southern Cherokee man now! I have been given citizenship to the Southern Cherokee Nation and the Red Fire People (SCNRFP) by Prime Minister Honorable Dr Usti before being appointed their Minister of Education.

This is a dream come true for me. In my wildest dreams I could have never imagined to become a Cherokee man or a Minister!

From all the Nations, the State of SCNRFP matched my frequency the best. They are an independent self governing Nation that has signed treaties with US, Spain, UK and France since 500 years ago that gives them self ruling an autonomy.

Many Nations in US decided to receive grants and financial aid from US government and in turn follow the laws, rules and conditions set by the United States. The State of SCNRFP has not accepted even one dollar from US and as such remains fully independent with its own laws.

Cherokee Nation is the largest Nation in US. It has a number of groups. The upper Cherokee is located in Oklahoma. The Southern Cherokee is located in Northern Georgia and has about 26 million acres of land there.

The Southern Cherokee broke away from Cherokees of Oklahoma a long time ago and joined with the Red Fire People to form an independent Nation. The Red Fire People (known as People of the Heart) are the high priests. They are the keepers of the "Red Fire", the ancient wisdom, the sacred knowledge, the knowledge of creator.

I am so blessed, so lucky to be part of the Red Fire People, the keepers of ancient wisdom. My field is in education and I feel our frequencies resonate together.

The State of SCNRFP is accepted by US, Spain, United Kingdom and France through treaties signed as an independent self ruling religious Nation.

There is no separation of religion and state in this Nation as it is a religious state. The State has two heads. The head of state is a high priest that belongs to the ancient order of AniKutani (priesthood), which dates back to 3700 years ago. The head of government is the prime minister which manages governmental affairs.

The State of SCNRFP has authored the Native Nations Intergovernmental Alliance (NNIA) which is a treaty between countries that have Native people of their own. Since 2014, the NNIA Treaty has been signed by tribal nations in Australia, Canada, Egypt, Ghana, Honduras, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Philippines, USA, Vietnam. This treaty represents over 300 million people globally.

The State of SCNRFP has a number of offices internationally working as its embassies.
It is an honour and a dream come true to be a Southern Cherokee man. I share their love of nature and the mother earth.

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