Tuesday, 11 June 2019

What does $27 per hour minimum wage do to a country?

I wish all countries would have a high minimum wage like Switzerland. Lack of money is the source of most evil. And this is so evident in Switzerland as this is the safest country I have ever visited.

I am in awe of Switzerland and its people. Since I arrived here I have not seen even one homeless person, drug addicts, drunk people and any such signs of poverty. I have not seen any police here yet. The whole country is safe. I see young children walking on streets alone by themselves.

In almost all countries there are jobs the local do not want to do as it pays little. For these jobs employers bring temporary workers to country. As a result, a lot of the salaries these workers make are sent outside the country to support their families and that is the money the country loses. This money if stayed in country would benefit the country.

Here in Switzerland you do not see such things. I have not seen any temporary workers in restaurants, hotels and farms. Because the salary is high, Swiss people take the jobs themselves. As a result there is almost no one on welfare here, everyone works, and all Swiss people have good lives and high paying jobs.

Yes, the country is expensive. A two hours train ride cost me about $500 but they also make high income and everything seems better here. The food, cloths, services, and so on.

And I rarely see an empty storefront. This means businesses are making money. This means they do not go bankrupt by paying high salaries to their employees.

The whole economy improves if countries adopt a higher minimum wage for employees.

I love how the Swiss care about the environment. Here in the Alps, they only use electric cars. Just amazing!

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  1. Wonderful. Beginning to like Switzerland now. Thanks for the information